Frances Moore

Chief Executive

Frances Moore is the Chief Executive Officer of IFPI, a post she has held since July 2010. She was previously Executive Vice President of IFPI and Regional Director, Europe, leading the music industry's representation to the European Union and coordinating strategy with national groups across the 28-member EU. A barrister, Moore has worked for more than 20 years in government relations and public affairs, representing European and US companies in the retail and electronics sector before joining IFPI in 1994.

Javier Asensio

Regional Director, Latin America

Javier Asensio is Regional Director of Latin America. He coordinates the activities of IFPI’s affiliated industry associations across Latin America, working to expand its record company members’ performance rights and help develop the digital marketplace in the region. He assumed the role in 2011 after previously serving as IFPI Latin America’s Director of Performance Rights. Prior to joining IFPI, Asensio headed the performers’ collecting society in Spain.

Lodovico Benvenuti

Director, IFPI European Office

Lodovico Benvenuti is Director of IFPI’s European Office in Brussels. He represents the interests of the record labels to the European institutions and works closely with the national groups in the EU Member States. He joined IFPI in 2017 from Mediaset Group (Italian broadcasting organisation) and has 15 years' experience in EU legislation and policies.

John Blewett

Director of Communications

John Blewett is Director of Communications at IFPI. He coordinates and oversees the delivery of IFPI’s communications strategy, promoting the interests of the international recording industry worldwide.
Prior to joining IFPI, he was an Associate Director at a London-based communications consultancy where he advised a range of diverse clients on their approach to public relations.

Dr. Elena Blobel

Director of Litigation

Dr. Elena Blobel is IFPI’s Director of Litigation. While at IFPI, she has been involved with proposed legislation in a number of countries with a particular focus on rights of sound recording producers and protection against digital piracy. Before joining IFPI in 2011, she worked for the regional government of Brandenburg in Germany in the policy department for media law and she was for many years a research assistant at the Erich Pommer Institute at Potsdam University conducting research in the area of copyright law and public and private media law.

Patrick Charnley

Director of Legal Policy and Licensing

Patrick Charnley is IFPI’s Director of Legal Policy and Licensing., coordinating the global recorded music industry’s campaigns to secure adequate legal frameworks to support fair markets, and working to grow performance rights revenues for record producers worldwide. Prior to joining IFPI, Patrick worked in the intellectual property departments of two international law firms, advising clients across the music and entertainment industries.

Dr. Richard Gooch

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Richard Gooch is Chief Technology Officer at IFPI. He works on different music industry and metadata initiatives. Richard also delivers technology leadership and advice on a wide range of policy issues. He rejoined IFPI to take up the post in 2013, having previously worked for the organisation between 1999 and 2007. In the interim, Richard worked providing technology services to the global oil and gas industry.

Graeme Grant

Director of Anti-Piracy

Graeme Grant is IFPI’s Director of Anti-Piracy. He coordinates IFPI’s global anti-piracy operations, supporting member companies’ anti-piracy activities; devising programmes to disrupt revenue streams to illegal online services and developing tools to tackle established and emerging forms of piracy. Prior to joining IFPI, Graeme led internet investigations including piracy, counterfeiting, data breaches, malware and white-collar crime for the Federation Against Copyright Theft and US law firm Covington & Burling LLP.

Xenia Iwaszko

Director of International Trade

Xenia Iwaszko is IFPI’s Director of International Trade. She is responsible for the music industry's foreign trade policy development and its implementation across a global network of IFPI regional offices, national industry associations and affiliates in over 60 markets. Prior to joining IFPI in 2009, Xenia was an associate at Covington LLP in Brussels.

John Nolan

Chief Financial Officer

John Nolan is chief financial officer at IFPI. He is responsible for IFPI’s global revenue data for the recorded music industry, global chart issues and management of the organisation’s operational and financial support functions. Prior to joining IFPI in 2007, John worked for IT and management consultancy company Logica (now CGI) and for Ernst & Young, one of the world’s largest accounting and professional services firms.

Dr. David Price

Director of Insight and Analysis

Dr. David Price is director of Insight and Analysis at IFPI. He leads the Insight and Analysis team in research and analysis on the recorded music market, developments in music piracy, and the changing habits of music listeners. Prior to joining IFPI as Head of Anti Piracy Research and Analysis in 2014, he founded and led the Piracy Consulting department at NetNames.

Lauri Rechardt

Chief Legal Officer

Lauri Rechardt is IFPI's Chief Legal Officer. Before re-joining IFPI, Lauri worked as a partner and head of IP at Procopé & Hornborg, a leading Finnish law firm. His work included heading the IFPI Finnish National Group and Licensing related work at IFPI Secretariat. Prior to moving to Procopé & Hornborg, Lauri held the position of Deputy General Counsel and Director of Licensing and Litigation at IFPI Secretariat. Before joining IFPI he was a director at the Finnish Performing Artists and Record Producers Copyright Society Gramex.

Jenny Wong

Regional Director for Asia Pacific

Jenny Wong is Director of IFPI’s Asian Regional office in Hong Kong. She oversees IFPI’s work in the Asia region in areas of legal and policy engagement, licensing operations, content protection, market analysis, and charts and certification.

Prior to joining IFPI, Jenny spent almost 20 years in the film and TV industries in both legal affairs and public policy roles having worked at Universal Pictures (Greater China), WarnerMedia (Asia Pacific) (formerly known as Time Warner) and The Walt Disney Company (Asia Pacific).

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