News Archive — 2016

  • 7th December

    Youtube's payment to the music industry - no reason for celebration

    "Google has today issued more unexplained numbers on what it claims YouTube pays the music industry. The announcement gives little reason to celebrate, however. With 800 million music …

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  • 30th November

    IFPI'S 'Investing in Music' report shows record labels invest us$4.5 billion annually in A&R and marketing

    US$4.5 billion – record labels’ global investment in A&R and marketing in 2015 27% - share of record company revenues invested in A&R and marketing US$0.5 – $2 million – typical cost …

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  • 25th October

    Music industry contributed $484 million to New Zealand GDP in 2015

    2015 PwC report highlights: The music industry contributed $484 million to NZ’s economy The music industry in NZ supported employment of 4,508 full-time equivalent workers (FTEs) The report commissioned by Recorded Music NZ, …

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  • 26th September

    World's largest music stream ripping site faces international legal action

    Organisations representing record companies in the US and UK took legal action today against, the world's largest site dedicated to offering illegally "stream ripped" music. Both the site …

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  • 22nd September

    Adrian Strain to step down at IFPI to form communications consultancy

    IFPI, representing the international recording industry, today announced that Adrian Strain is to step down as global director of communications at the end of this year to set up a …

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  • 14th September

    European Commission copyright proposal is a good first step

    The European Commission today adopted its proposal to address copyright in the Digital Single Market. IFPI welcomes this initiative, which attempts to address the “value gap”, the most important issue …

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  • 13th September

    Blog - New IFPI-Ipsos research shows audio streaming on the rise but starkly highlights music’s "value gap"

    By David Price, Director of Insight, IFPI Today, IFPI releases new consumer research from Ipsos that gives new insights into how the patterns and practices of music consumption are changing worldwide. …

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  • 13th September

    IFPI consumer research spotlights subscription, mobile, young fans and video streaming

    Click below for: Full Music Consumer Insight Report 2016 PDF Frances Moore's commentary on the report Blog on Ipsos research findings by David Price, IFPI Director of Insight Music Consumer Insight Report 2016: survey …

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  • 25th July

    Canadian music companies successfully settle legal action against isoHunt

    Canadian and international music companies have settled litigation against isoHunt Web Technologies Inc. ("isoHunt") and its founder Gary Fung ("Fung") with the entering of orders by consent against isoHunt and …

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  • 19th July

    German Music Market Grows by 3.6%

    New figures, released today, show that Germany's recorded music market grew by 3.6 per cent in the first half of 2016. Total revenue from the sales of CDs, vinyl, downloads …

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  • 13th July

    Responding to the 'How Google Fights Piracy 2016 Update' from IFPI CEO Frances Moore

    "Google has the capability and resources to do much more to tackle the vast amount of music that is being made available and accessed without permission on its platforms. "Our member …

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  • 6th July

    IFPI Appoints Dr David Price as Director of Insight and Analysis

    IFPI today announces the appointment of Dr David Price as Director of Insight and Analysis. Based at IFPI's London headquarters, Price will head up the Insight Team, providing …

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  • 30th June

    Artists call on the EU to fix the value gap

    Well over 1,000 recording artists have written to the EU asking for an effective solution to the "Value Gap". Artists across the world have consistently spoken about online platforms which benefit …

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  • 24th June

    Statement from IFPI CEO Frances Moore on the outcome of the UK’s EU referendum

    Frances Moore, IFPI CEO, said: "As an international recording industry, with businesses across all 28 EU Member States, the interest of our sector was for the UK to remain in the …

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  • 6th June

    Frances Moore calls on the global music sector to seize its "moment of opportunity" to fix the value gap

    IFPI CEO, Frances Moore, spoke at a panel discussion on achieving sustainable growth for the music industry at Midem's Copyright Summit this weekend. She told the assembled global music audience …

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  • 10th May

    Frances Moore gives opening remarks at Music Cities event at Canadian Music Week

    Frances Moore, IFPI CEO, gave the opening remarks at the Mastering of a Music City conference at Canadian Music Week. Moore told a packed hall of delegates in Toronto that real …

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  • 6th May

    Frances Moore letter to The Guardian - 'Nelly Furtado has highlighted why music's value gap needs fixing'

    Frances Moore, IFPI's CEO, writes in support of Nelly Furtado's recent article concerning YouTube in The Guardian. The reply below was also published in The Guardian on 6th May 2016. Nelly …

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  • 6th May

    'Value gap' growing, according to new UK figures

    New figures released yesterday at Canadian Music Week by the BPI - the record labels' organisation that promotes British music - highlight the growing "Value Gap" that exists between …

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  • 5th May

    The value gap - the missing beat at the heart of our industry

    By Frances Moore, CEO, IFPI The speech below was delivered at the ‘state of the global music industry’ panel at Canadian Music Week, Toronto on 5th May 2016. Good morning. It’s a …

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  • 27th April

    Nigerian music industry starts licensing public performance right for sound recordings

    IFPI, the body that represents the recording industry worldwide, today welcomed the announcement by Nigeria’s music copyright collecting society, COSON, that it will pursue the licensing of sound recording …

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  • 20th April

    IFPI’s Global Music Report 2016 Premium Section AVAILABLE NOW (formerly the Recording Industry in Numbers)

    IFPI’s essential in-depth statistical guide to the global music business is now available following publication of the complete two-section IFPI Global Music Report 2016. The complete report includes the 86 page …

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  • 12th April

    IFPI Global Music Report 2016

    To access the 'State of the Industry' report click here (English language) Global music revenues increase 3.2% as digital revenues overtake physical for the first time Digital sales contribute 45 per cent …

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  • 8th March

    IFPI and SoundExchange partner to provide greater access to industry data

    ISRC Codes to be publicly accessible for the first time The international trade body for the recording industry, IFPI, has partnered with the world’s biggest digital Collective Management Organisation, SoundExchange, to …

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  • 3rd March

    Appeals to be filed in VK copyright infringement cases

    Appeals will be filed in the copyright infringement cases brought by music companies Universal Music Russia and Warner Music against social network vKontakte (VK) after the Saint Petersburg & Leningradsky …

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  • 8th February

    Adele confirmed by IFPI as the number 1 global recording artist

    International music trade body names Adele the Global Recording Artist of 2015 across all music formats Adele has been named by IFPI as the most popular recording artist across the globe …

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  • 25th January

    IFPI blog - new paper suggesting pirate downloads help sales is flawed

    David Price, Head of Anti-Piracy Research and Analysis at IFPI, says a new paper from Queens' University doesn't stand up to scrutiny. A new working paper from a doctoral student at …

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  • 13th January
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    Universal Music Group and SoundCloud announce landmark partnership

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