Response to Google’s blog post on YouTube’s role in the music industry

11th May 2017

IFPI has responded to the claims issued by Google today suggesting how music fans might behave if YouTube didn’t make music available to them:

"Google's latest publicity push once again seeks to distract from the fact that YouTube, essentially the world's largest on-demand music service, is failing to license music on a fair basis and compensate artists and producers properly, by claiming it is not liable for the music it is making available.

“Record companies invest in artists, their music and the systems that support the evolution of the digital music business – licensing more than 40 million tracks across hundreds of digital services around the world. As the Global Music Report data just made clear, music fans are increasingly willing to engage with licensed streaming services. However, services like YouTube, that are not licensing music on fair terms, hinder the development of a sustainably healthy digital music market.

“Rather than Google/YouTube’s ‘my way or the highway’ approach, where they say they can't behave as other digital music services do, legislative action is required to address the ‘value gap’ that is denying music creators a fair return for their work and investment so that the recent upturn will be sustainable for the long term.”

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