IFPI appoints Graeme Grant as Director of Anti-Piracy

27th July 2018

IFPI has today announced that Graeme Grant has been promoted to Director of Anti-Piracy and will be responsible for overseeing its global anti-piracy activity.

In his new role, Graeme will lead IFPI's programme to tackle music copyright infringement in all its forms and the organisations behind it. This includes disrupting revenue streams to illegal online services, 24/7 monitoring for leaked music content and developing strategies and tools to counter emerging forms of copyright infringement.

Graeme replaces Jeremy Banks who held the position from 2009 and has stepped down due to long term illness.

Frances Moore, IFPI chief executive, said: "Graeme has a proven track record in taking on some of the most egregious copyright infringers responsible for illegally exploiting music content online. However, with 40% of consumers accessing unlicensed music the threat is far from removed. I'm confident that under Graeme's leadership, IFPI's Anti-Piracy team will continue to deliver – and develop further - its excellent work on behalf of our member record companies. ( * )

"Jeremy has been a longstanding member of the IFPI team for almost 20 years and everyone here wishes him improved health. We are immensely grateful for Jeremy’s valuable contribution to the recorded music industry in the face of the ever-evolving threat of copyright infringement."

Graeme Grant said: "The ability to create - and to be recognised and rewarded for your creation - is vital to the future of the music industry. IFPI is committed to fighting against all forms of copyright infringement and I look forward to continuing this work alongside my team."

For further information please contact:

press@ifpi.org / +44 (0) 20 7878 7979

Notes to editors:

Graeme Grant is Director of Anti-Piracy for IFPI. He has significant experience in the areas of computer and network forensics, cybersecurity and more than ten years’ experience in IP-based cybercrime. Prior to joining IFPI, Graeme led internet investigations including piracy, counterfeiting, data breaches, malware and white-collar crime for the Federation Against Copyright Theft and US law firm Covington & Burling LLP.

( * ) Research taken from IFPI’s Music Consumer Insight Report 2017 (p.18): http://www.ifpi.org/downloads/Music-Consumer-Insight-Report-2017.pdf