Global recording industry welcomes EU-Canada trade agreement

15th February 2017

The European Parliament has today given its approval to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union (EU) and Canada. The agreement will mean that recorded music in Canada and the EU will be protected to a high standard when used online, in broadcasting or in public performance.

Commenting on the agreement, Frances Moore, chief executive IFPI, said:

"The European Parliament’s approval of CETA is positive news for the music industry. Together, the EU and Canada account for around 35 per cent of the global music market. As such, the standards of copyright protection for music in these two territories are extremely important to our global industry."

"CETA includes commitments by the EU and Canada to comply with the WIPO Internet Treaties as well as grant comprehensive protection to recorded music when used in broadcasting and public performance. These rights are essential to the wellbeing of the music sector in both markets and we look forward to working with their respective governments to ensure that these standards of protection are implemented in the best possible way."

The next step is for the Canadian Parliament to vote on the agreement. If approved, the obligations relating to music rights protection will provisionally enter into force.

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