Adrian Strain to step down at IFPI to form communications consultancy

22nd September 2016

IFPI, representing the international recording industry, today announced that Adrian Strain is to step down as global director of communications at the end of this year to set up a consultancy practice working in and outside the music industry.

Strain said: "The music industry has been a unique case study in change, and I have been lucky enough to have been at the heart of it and seen it emerge stronger and full of optimism about the future. After 21 years at IFPI, I have decided that now is the right time to move. I will be setting up a communications consultancy practice, using my knowledge of complex global communication strategies, my understanding of creative industries and my experience working on the music industry’s transition in the digital world."

"I thank Frances Moore, my communications team mates and all my friends at IFPI, in the record companies and national groups, in the media and in the wider industry for all their collaboration and support."

Strain has directed communications strategy across all fronts of IFPI's activities. He has advised on and implemented multiple campaigns, led international teams and worked across the complex mix of legal, data, regulatory, commercial and policy issues that form IFPI's daily agenda on behalf of its member record companies.

Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI, said: "Adrian has been involved for two decades on some of IFPI's most important work, first in Europe and then globally. He is a great team leader, team player and communications strategist who commands enormous respect throughout industry. I wish him all the best in his new role and I have no doubt we will continue to collaborate with him in his new role."

Edgar Berger, Chairman and CEO, International, Sony Music Entertainment and the longest-serving record company head on IFPI's Main Board, said: "Adrian has guided our industry's international communications strategy through a remarkable period of transition. I would like to thank him for the skill, dedication and wise counsel he has brought to this role and wish him well in his new business."

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