Global recorded music sales totalled US $15.7 billion in 2016.

The recording industry’s global revenues for 2016 came from a range of different revenue streams, from downloads to subscription and performance rights.

  • 34% Physical
    format sales
  • 50% Digital
  • 2% Synchronisation
  • 14% Performance
Key Statistics

Here are some key statistical highlights of the global recording industry in 2017.

  • $17.3b

    Recording Industry

    Total value of the recording industry in 2017

    Facts & Stats
  • +45.5%

    Rights Revenue

    growth in paid streaming in 2017

    Facts & Stats
  • 54%

    Digital Channels

    Proportion of global industry revenues from digital channels

    Facts & Stats
  • $4.5b

    A&R and Marketing

    Record companies’ investment in A&R and marketing annually

    Facts & Stats

Explore more in Global Statistics

  • Facts & Stats

    An overview of the industry

  • Best Sellers

    Top global performing artists of 2017

  • Investment

    Discovering, nurturing, promoting artists

  • Consumer research

    How music fans are engaging


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