IFPI Asia/Pacific Regional Board

Chairmen of National Groups
  • Denis Handlin Australia
  • Caroline Chow Hong Kong (Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance)
  • Ng Yu Hong Kong (IFPI Hong Kong Group)
  • Ganesh Jain India
  • Handi Santoso Indonesia
  • Masaaki Saito Japan
  • Norman Abdul Halim Malaysia
  • Adam Holt New Zealand
  • Sandy Monteiro Singapore
  • Denver Chang Taiwan (Recording Industry Foundation in Taiwan)
  • Nadda Buranasiri Thailand
Representatives of Worldwide Majors
  • Adrian Cheesley* EMI
  • Denis Handlin*
    (Vice Chairman)
  • Sandy Monteiro* Universal
  • Lachie Rutherford
  • Gary Smerdon* Chairman of the Asia/Pacific Regional Finance Committee
Major Independents with five Affiliates
  • Shinji Hayashi* Avex Marketing Inc
  • Linda Ho HIM International Music Inc
  • Norman Abdul Halim KRU Music Group Sdn Bhd
  • Sam Duann Rock Record Co Ltd
  • Frances Moore* IFPI
  • Ang Kwee Tiang* IFPI Asian Regional Office

* Regional Executive Board Members

IFPI Main Board of Directors

Category 1
  • Sony Edgar Berger
    Deirdre McDonald
  • Universal Max Hole
    Richard Constant
  • Warner Stu Bergen
    Chris Ancliff
Category 2
  • Asia/Pacific Lachie Rutherford*
  • Latin America Iñigo Zabala
  • RIAA Cary Sherman*
Category 3
  • France Stéphane Le Tavernier
  • Germany Dieter Gorny
  • Japan Masaaki Satio
  • UK Geoff Taylor
Category 4
  • Independents Mike Batt
    Glen Barros
Category 5
  • CEO Frances Moore*

* Member of the Main Board Executive Committee

Latin America Regional Board

Chairmen of National Groups
  • Guillermo Castellani Argentina (Warner)
  • Paulo Rosa Brazil (ABPD)
  • Adriana Restrepo Colombia (Codiscos)
  • Tomas Rodriguez Warner
Representatives of Worldwide Majors
  • Afo Verde** Sony
  • Iñigo Zabala* Warner
  • Jesus Lopez* Universal
Major Independents with five Affiliates
  • Marcelo Soares Som Livre
IFPI Secretariat
  • Frances Moore* CEO of IFPI
  • Cary Sherman* Chairman and CEO
  • Neil Turkewitz* Senior Vice President, International
IFPI Latin America
  • Javier Asensio* Regional Director

* Executive Committee Member

** Chairman of the Executive Committee


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